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The Offices of BajioGo will officially be opening on Monday July 6th as approved by the government, with a completed Health First Certificate (Certificado Primero La Salud) from the Municipality of San Miguel Allende, as well as a Certificate of Covid Course Completion from the IMSS of the Federal Government of Mexico.


We have missed seeing you all in person so much, and we could not be more happy than to be able to receive you again at our Flagship Store at Jesus 11, Centro, San Miguel!

In order to not only follow the protocols required by the governing entities, but most importantly to continue serving you in the best way possible by always putting health and safety first, there will be rules and regulations that must be followed by any person wishing to enter both the building and office of BajioGo.

Upon entering the main door you will be greeted by a door greeter who will take your temperature with an infrared (no contact) thermometer. Your temperature will be recorded in our guestbook log along with your full name and phone number and other details if required. If your temperature does not meet the criteria ( a maximum of 37.5ºC ) you will not be permitted entrance into the building and a recommendation will be made for a health professional.

Temperature Check, Guestbook, Gel, Shoe Sanitizing

There will be a sign at the door with drawn graphics of how to properly apply 70% + antibacterial alcohol gel which you will need to put on.

If for some reason you are not wearing a facemask, you will be handed an individually sealed one-time-use face mask to put on, entry is not allowed without (Correctly) wearing a face mask. This means covering both your mouth and your nose.

In order to step into the office you will need to wipe your feet well on a sodium hypochlorite sanitizing mat and then wipe them off well again to dry them on the drying mat above it.

At this time, there is a Maximum Capacity restriction of 3 clients total inside of the office at one time. Only one person per family / reservation will be allowed in the office.

In the case that there are more people wishing to enter at the same time, there is a ticket dispenser where you can take a number to be next in line. When it is your turn, the display will show your number and the BajioGo representative will call you.

Once inside the office, social distancing markers are laid out on the floor. Please note their location and make sure to keep proper distance.

There is one single location in which to stand at the counter, and X marks the spot. In order to adhere to social distancing regulations, you may not be closer to the person at the desk than that location.

After having interacted with the operative, you have gel, kleenex and disinfectant spray at your disposal and may throw away anything you no longer wish to hold on to in the foot-lever garbage can outside of the door on your way out.

In order to continue to keep you safe and healthy, as well as our office employees and drivers, we ask you to be conscious and considerate of the criterion we have set in place.

Also, please be aware that even if you do not believe in this or disagree with our methods, they are implemented by the government at all levels and if we do not properly follow these procedures, we will be shut down. As an established part of the San Miguel community, it is imperative to us to make sure that we always have all of our paperwork and permits in order so as to make sure that YOU get the best service that can possibly be given, and everything that is included in that. We pride ourselves upon the infrastructure that we’ve built up over more than the last decade, and the quality and experience that go hand and hand with that. It is thanks to your continued support that we have gotten this far, please help us to continue being of service to you.

415 185 8665 in Mexico

(202) 609 9905 USA Line

Jesús 11, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

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