Shared Shuttle Service, the safest and smartest option

Updated: Jun 21

The shared shuttle is the flagship service of BajioGo, used dozens of times by thousands of satisfied clients, day in and day out for the last decade and then some!

During all that time we have had the chance to work on perfecting all aspects of it.

Our license plates are Federal Transportation plates. This means we have all of the correct permits and governmental authorizations to transport passengers to and fro anywhere across the country. Did you know that it's illegal to drive someone around and get paid for it without being certified to do so? That means the police can pull you over and detain you.

And in order to drive a vehicle with Federal Plates, you must be a Federally Licensed Driver; which all of our drivers are. Meaning, they're Really good! Imagine being able to parallel park a van as big as a bus, or even just drive it up and down the winding streets of San Miguel! Or know the best routes to the airport, or how to maneuver in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Laredo...

It's not just the drivers that are important though, and that's why we are registered with all of the proper agencies governmental and otherwise-- this means that YOU THE PASSENGER are covered under our Registered Transportation Company insurance. Not to mention regularly scheduled checks and maintenance on our entire fleet and continual upgrades.

Despite all of these overhead costs, we are Still able to bring you some of the best prices available, especially for our Flagship Service: the Shared Shuttle.

Here at BajioGo, our clients rarely see the behind-the-scenes details we put in, but they are definitely worthwhile. The details AND the clients.

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Our Flagship, Our Pride and Joy, Our Shared Shuttle Service

415 185 8665 in Mexico

(202) 609 9905 USA Line

Jesús 11, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

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