June 1st, 2020 The Reopening of San Miguel de Allende

Updated: Jun 21

“A series of measures that allow you to feel calm, feel safe and know that we are doing things well,” advised the mayor, Luis Alberto Villarreal, "We will be the first place in Latin America to have this certificate."


San Miguel de Allende has been working on preventative measures to combat this pandemic since the very beginning. The solidarity of our townsfolk and the strength of our community has allowed us to reach this stage of the pandemic with very favorable balances. We put up many barriers to halt the spread of the disease to San Miguel; we have had very few infected and have been saved from that difficult situation. This is how we want the epidemic to continue to behave in our municipality; the health sector has been able to respond to all the cases reported in San Miguel efficiency and in a timely manner and we want this trend to continue.

However, now the challenges will be greater. Monday June 1st will begin the first phase of the progressive re-opening of San Miguel de Allende. We must be able to begin productive activities without endangering the workers here; we must be able to deepen the culture of prevention and the awareness of the responsibility of each one of us in the task of not infecting the people around us or our visitors. We must also be able to build a new culture in our visitors and understand their responsibilities in caring for San Miguel.

Noting that COVID-19 is highly contagious and that there is a great risk of manifesting failures due to human error caused due to ignorance of the behavior of the virus, one of the main objectives should be to achieve the committed participation of the population, and especially of the tourist and service centers, in order to maintain the actions and strategies that the municipal government applies to reactivate educational, commercial, and especially social activities in our community. The opening of activities must be carried out in a gradual, orderly, cautious and responsible manner; with an approach that should focus on the prevention and mitigation of the transmission of the SARCoV2 virus in each and every one of the essential and non-essential activities that are gradually reactivated in the municipality.

For this reason, it is essential to implement strict guidelines that help maintain a sufficient status of sanitary prevention and safeguards against such possibilities of contagion. The guidelines are applied and adapted to each of the activities of the tourist and service centers, which will provide knowledge and action in the effort to stop both imported and communal transmission in San Miguel.

Phase Zero - June 1st 2020 - The Opening of the Local Economy

There will be a health checkpoint at each entry point for San Miguel where temperatures will be taken, gel will be provided, information will be given and an entry assessment questionnaire will be given to verify the potential risk of COVID-19 infection that they represent.

The questionnaire will collect information as to the reason for the visit and, where appropriate, they will be asked to prove that they have a reservation for the site or sites they visit. In the event that the person entering San Miguel presents symptoms related to COVID-19, among others, the body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees celsius (99.5 F) , the checkpoint personnel will deny entry and the health personnel will carry out the appropriate health actions. According to the information provided by the travelers, the assigned personnel will determine if the reason for the trip falls under the activities that have already restarted operations in the municipality. In the event that activities are not found in this catalog, entry to the municipal territory will be denied.

The use of facemasks is Required for all people who are in any public space. This includes roads, buildings, public transportation and any businesses. This means if you leave your house, you must be wearing a mask. This means over your mouth And Nose.

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Sanitizing of San Miguel de Allende by the Municipal Government

415 185 8665 in Mexico

(202) 609 9905 USA Line

Jesús 11, Zona Centro, 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico

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